Visitor registration
Cumberland Crossings, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 

Updated Jan. 18: We are open to full visitation for our families and residents. Visitors will be required to be screened in at the main desk when staffed, or your corresponding nurses station during off hours, be educated on the risks involved in visiting during the Covid-19 pandemic and sign in and out upon visiting. Masks will be required to be worn and strictly enforced for the protection of our residents. If visitors are wanting to visit a family member while they are in a group setting such as activities, the visitor will need to stay socially distanced from the group. There may also be occasions where your visit may need to be moved to a common area to insure the health of a roommate. 

As in the past, our front door will be secured at 8 p.m. each evening again for the protection of our residents and staff. We strongly encourage the vaccination of all of our visitors, but it is not a requirement. 

We ask that you grant us some patience as we work through this significant change to how we have conducted our business since March of 2020. While we are excited at the opportunity to be so much closer to what we knew as normal, we are also changed by the experiences and losses that we have incurred during this time.  

Anyone demonstrating symptoms or not feeling well should not attempt to visit. If you have recently visited and then test positive for Covid-19, we ask that you notify the facility. Any questions, please contact us at 717.245.9941 for more information. 

Diakon’s overall response to the pandemic is found here, a chart of current active cases here.

Family members should use this page to ...

1) Schedule a time to visit with a loved one in the nursing care center at Cumberland Crossings 
2) Review your responsibilities when making a visit
3) Acknowledge your agreement with the policies and procedures governing the visit 

Whenever visits are allowed, please review the following important information before you schedule your visit. You will be required to acknowledge your agreement with our visitation policy on a form provided below. 

Please note as well that visitation availability or schedules are subject to change at any time, based on changes in COVID-19 guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Our state-required policies are found immediately below; please note that these policies were completed last year as a requirement from the government to schedule the first visits during the pandemic. The information relates to overall visitation policies and processes, with actual visitations available only as current conditions allow and in alignment with CDC and state protocol. The policies below were updated as of March 2021, reflecting new CDC guidance.

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which has caused a worldwide pandemic. People infected with the virus, which is spread via droplet through the air by coughing or sneezing, through close personal contact or by touching an object or surface with the virus on it, can be asymptomatic or have mild to severe illness. Older people and those with underlying health conditions such as heart or lung disease or diabetes appear to be a higher risk of developing serious complications; some die as a result.  

Here are important guidelines for family members or other visitors. If you refuse to adhere to these guidelines, your visit may be shortened or canceled. 

  • Do not visit if you are sick or exhibiting symptoms of an illness.
  • Follow the guidelines set forth including seating arrangements and screening process.
  • Sanitize/wash your hands at the beginning and end of your visit as well as during the visit if they become soiled or contaminated.
  • Wear a mask during the entire visit; your mask must cover your nose and mouth. Please bring mask(s) to your visit.
  • Residents must also wear masks. 
  • We encourage you to maintain at least six feet physical-distancing.
  • Cover any coughs and sneezes. Use tissues and discard in the trash, then wash hands immediately after use.
  • Do not walk through any part of the health care center; visitors must remain in designated visitation areas.
  • Do not bring pets to the visit unless they are designated as a therapy pet and appropriate documentation is provided.
  • Directly supervise any youth visitor (see linked reopening plan for information on ages).
  • Please allow staff members time to properly disinfect contact surfaces to avoid cross-contamination.


When you arrive on the Cumberland Crossings campus...

  • Nursing Care: Report directly to the Patio off the Nursing Center Leisure Center; someone will let you into the building.
  • Personal Care: Report directly to the Covered Patio off the B Hall Leisure Center; someone will let you into the building.
  • Be sure to bring masks and any other personal protective equipment with you.
  • At this time, all visits are being conducted indoors (see guideline below).


  • Nursing Care: Visits will occur Sunday between 1 and 3 p.m. and Monday and Thursday between 1:30 and 4 p.m.
  • Personal Care: Visits will occur Wednesday and Thursday between 1 and 4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday between 9:30 and 11 a.m.
  • Again, please note that you must wear a mask during the visit, maintain physical-distancing guidelines and not touch or hug the person you are visiting.
  • Each visit is limited to two people per resident; each visitor must wear a mask.

To schedule a visit please contact Sally McClintock at (717) 240-6027

  1. To schedule your visit, open the link below. Please note that the online calendar system may not work with Internet Explorer. If you are using that browser, copy the link you see in the browser the button opens and paste into another browser, such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

  2. Important: Please print this form, sign it and bring it to your visit. Please give it to our staff member.