Healing Body, Mind & Spirit - Self Healing

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Diakon Living & Learning Center - 118 S Centre St, Pottsville

HEALING BODY, MIND & SPIRIT           $20/each session
Prudence Griffin, Holistic Health Therapist          
Three part series, participant in one or all sessions.
Learn ancient healing techniques that support your body’s own healing ability. Discover easy self-healing tools. If you have past or present trauma from an illness, accident, grief, sorrow, loss or post traumatic stress these healing modalities can help restore balance, energy and remove the trauma so healing can occur.
Diakon Living & Learning Center - 118 S Centre St, Pottsville 
Session 2: Self Healing: Food as medicine, natural homeopathic remedies, self administered healing modalities that support your body’s natural system.
#2009 Sat, Feb 10, 10 am - noon  Register Jan 27
Session 3: Mind as Healer: Spirituality and wellness, Discover what role spirituality plays in healing and recovery. “Miracles do Happen”. 
#2010 Sat, March 10, 10 am - noon  Register Feb 24

Contact for More Information:

 Susan Long
E-mail: longs@diakon.org
Diakon Living & Learning After 50
118 South Centre Street, Suite 1
Pottsville, PA 17901


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