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Diakon Lutheran Disaster Response

Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries serves as a partner with the national Lutheran Disaster Response organization and is the primary organization for response in the Delaware-Maryland and Upper Susquehanna synods, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Diakon also responds as needed within the Northeastern Pennsylvania, Lower Susquehanna, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Allegheny synods, as determined by the Lutheran social ministry organizations assigned primary responsibility for those regions.

Because of changes in national funding, Diakon’s disaster response program depends on local contributions—which are then used in local response to disasters. There are two ways you can support these vital efforts.

Program support helps to fund annual budgeted expenses to provide disaster response coordination in the three Evangelical Lutheran Church in America synods in which Diakon is the primary response organization.

The disaster response fund provides support activated when a federally declared disaster occurs, helping to underwrite immediate, initial response without having to await national funds. The reserve fund is replenished by continuing contributions, particularly during a disaster.

Program Support Disaster Response Fund


For more information, please contact:
The Rev. Cindy G. Camp
Director of Disaster Response Ministries

Phone: (610) 573-0981

E-mail: campc@diakon.org

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