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Learning it's 'okay' to reach out for help, David puts his life back on track 

When his mother lost her seven-year battle with breast cancer, “David,” 38, was unprepared for the emotional toll that it would take on him.

He threw himself into his career, working longer hours to support his wife and children, and suppressed his grief by staying quiet about his feelings.

Then, two months later, his company was restructured and David lost his job.

The effect of these two events on David’s life was devastating. He found himself unable to get organized to look for new employment. He started losing sleep, felt overwhelmed, began to isolate himself from family and friends—and quickly sank into depression.

On the advice of his wife, David entered counseling with Diakon Family Life Services. At first, he had difficulty recognizing the symptoms of depression, insisting instead that he should “snap” himself out of it. But with weekly sessions, David gradually opened up about his feelings and began to see results.

He learned about the necessity of the grieving process he’d been avoiding since his mother’s death. He learned that his sense of self-worth didn’t have to be tied to his career. And he realized how his behavior had affected his family—especially his children.

Within six months, David was able to piece his life back together and was ready to work again.

This is the story of just one client, but it could have many names applied to it. People who go through a personal loss such as the death of a family member or a career loss like corporate downsizing, don’t have to suffer alone.

As David discovered, it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. In fact, it’s the best thing you can do to begin the healing process.


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