Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries

For Church Professionals

Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries deeply values its partnership with clergy, other church professionals, and congregations throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

  • To find resources developed specifically for you, please click the synod in which you serve or are located.
  • For those unfamiliar with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, a “synod” is a geographic and jurisdictional region within the national church structure. Diakon is affiliated with a number of synods and a member of Lutheran Services in America.
  • You may also wish to request a speaker.
  • In concert with The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, Diakon developed materials on the theme, “Who are the Lutherans, and Why Did We Start So Many Social Ministry Organizations.” To learn more, click here.

Letter on changes to Diakon Family Life Services - Northeastern Pennsylvania and creation of congregational services program unit in Diakon Church Relations.


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