Community Benefit

Diakon is concerned not only about the people the organization directly serves, but also about the communities in which we all live.

Since 1868, Diakon’s services have focused on improving the lives of people in need. That service has a significant impact on society as a whole.

But community benefit also incorporates the way we make a difference beyond direct service, especially in terms of concern for those with lower incomes or other limited resources. Community benefit arises from our innate concern for the communities we serve—for not only the neighbors we directly help, but also for their neighbors.

Community benefit reflects our responsibility for improving the overall fabric of society, a response to the trust placed in us through the granting of tax-exempt status.

In 2018, our community benefit totaled more than $21 million, with extensive additional impact not reported financially, based on national guidelines.

Moreover, even that additional impact does not take into account the societal benefits associated with our responsible employment of nearly 2,000 people, which includes competitive wages and a generous benefits package. Beyond the taxes they pay within their local communities, these staff members are not only dedicated employees of Diakon, but also share a giving spirit, donating to Diakon themselves each year.

Thumbnail Image To learn more about Diakon’s extensive impact on the communities in which it serves, we invite you to read our annual Community Benefit Report You can also download the report here.