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Many children and youths long for family. They yearn for stability, permanence and, most of all, love.

Are you ready to help make their dreams come true? To help make their worlds whole again?

If so, Diakon Adoption & Foster Care can help. Through us, waiting children and youths are united with loving and caring families, whether through foster care, legal-risk (foster-to-adopt) placements, kinship placements or adoption.

Give the gift of family!

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Why Diakon?

We deeply appreciate your visiting Diakon Adoption & Foster Care. But while many resource-family referrals come to us from families who have already provided foster care or adopted, you may still be deciding with whom you want to work.

So why Diakon?

We believe we have the answer to that question and invite you to learn more about Why Diakon?


Adopted or fostered child proudly holding certificate of achievement.