Diakon Lutheran Senior Services: Adult Day Services

FAQ at Ravenwood

What are adult medical day services?

These services are offered in a safe, pleasant, and lively environment for older adults and adults with disabilities so that they can interact with others during the day. Diakon Adult Day Services at Ravenwood is conveniently located at 1109 Luther Drive in Hagerstown. The center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Participants are able to attend from one to five days per week.

Why would one need medical adult day services?

Many caregivers choose to send their loved one to day care as a way of keeping them involved, active, and stimulated throughout the day in a supervised and structured program. Caregivers also receive a much-needed break.

Of what does a day consist?

A typical day at Diakon Adult Day Services at Ravenwood begins with the use of our door-to-door transportation or with a family member bringing a participant to the center. The member is first served a continental breakfast. After breakfast, the participant is escorted to join the first of numerous activities planned throughout the day.

A fitness program gets each day off to an active start. After 45 to 60 minutes, activities change so that the center responds to a variety of interests. A catered, hot lunch is served midday. Different activity programs are offered in the afternoon, with a break around 1:30 for a snack. Programming aides are always available to assist with any personal needs throughout the day; all drivers pass intensive training to ensure your loved one arrives safely at home.

What type of activities do you offer?

Activities are designed to meet the interests of a variety of clients. The activities calendar is designed to include exercise, as well as programs that focus on cognitive and fine-motor skills, as well as spiritual aspects of life. Each week, participants enjoy live entertainment and at least one weekly community outing such as shopping trips, lunch at local restaurants, bowling, and museum visits.

What type of nursing help do participants receive?

We offer personal assistance, including help in the bathroom as well as a shower service. Center staff members administer medications, including injections, and do routine blood-pressure and vital-signs checks. Our staff RN manager can help to arrange physician appointments and follow through on prescribed treatments. Our center also is equipped to handle more challenging medical needs including wound care.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, transportation from home to the center, including wheelchair transport, is provided as a part of our service.

How do I pay for your services?

There are a variety of options to cover the cost of adult medical day services. These include:

  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Maryland Office of Health Services Grant - Contact the Washington County Commission on Aging at (301) 790-0275
  • Medical Assistance - requires prior authorization
  • National Family Caregivers Support Program - Through the Washington County Commission on Aging at (301) 790-0275
  • Senior Care - Through the Washington County Commission on Aging at (301) 790-0275
  • Veterans Administration Benefits
  • Private Pay - $85/day includes meals & transportation

How do I get started?

We require only the following items:

  1. A signed physician order form (the form is provided by Ravenwood)
  2. PPD (test for tuberculosis, which the state requires)
  3. Review of paperwork, including emergency contacts, with the center director.

We will work with your personal physician to obtain the physician order form and, with your doctor’s approval, can administer the PPD at the center.

Please call Morgan Hovermale, assistant director, at (301) 791-1030 about any questions or concerns.

How do I get to Diakon Adult Day Services at Ravenwood?

Please use the following helpful directions if you wish to visit the center or bring a participant”:

From Interstate 81 ...
Go to the intersection of I-81 and I-70. Get on I-70 East and follow to Exit 29B. Take exit 29B and you will be on Rt. 65 North (Sharpsburg Pike). Go six traffic signals to Wilson Boulevard. Make a right onto Wilson Boulevard and follow to Frederick Street (this is the end of Wilson Boulevard). Make a right onto Frederick Street and travel about two blocks to Kenly Avenue and turn right again. There will be a sign indicating you are entering Diakon Senior Living – Hagerstown/The Ravenwood Campus (some signage may still read Ravenwood Lutheran Village). Turn left onto the second Luther Drive. Diakon Adult Day Services at Ravenwood is located on the right corner.

From Washington/Baltimore Area ...
Take Interstate 70 through Frederick to Hagerstown. Take Exit 32B (Rt. 40 West) and follow Rt. 40 West about a mile to the intersection of Rt. 40W and Edgewood Drive (this will be the first traffic signal you come to). Turn left and follow Edgewood Drive (about a mile) until you see a sign “Welcome to Funkstown.” Turn right at the first traffic signal onto Baltimore Street (Alt-40). Follow Alt-40 for about three blocks. Turn right onto West Side Street, cross the stone bridge, and go about one-half mile to Kenly Avenue (Kenly Avenue is to the left, Breyer’s Ice Cream is on the right; there will be a sign for Diakon Senior Living – Hagerstown/The Ravenwood Campus on the left [some signage may still read Ravenwood Lutheran Village]). Turn left onto the second Luther Drive. Diakon Adult Day Services at Ravenwood is located on the right corner.

Diakon Adult Day Services at Ravenwood

1109 Luther Drive,
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Phone: (301) 791-1030
Fax: (301) 766-9359

Email: HovermaleM@diakon.org