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For Florence Schumacher and her family, Diakon Adult Day Services at Manatawny was a godsend.  

Florence lived with her daughter, JoAnn Bathurst, after her husband’s death. Other than macular degeneration and arthritic knees, Florence was healthy. She was always a very positive person and had a generous and grateful spirit; her family says she was loved by all and  loved them right back.

At 98, a stroke affected her peripheral vision. She could no longer see well enough to cook and clean and no longer had her routine to keep her busy. While she continued to attend church, but needed the mental stimulation and daytime supervision that allowed her to thrive.

Diakon Adult Day Services at Manatawny was the right choice. Her family says that everyone at the center was "kind and loving" and that Florence always looked forward to going to the center. In particular, she enjoyed trivia games and daily exercises and always received help to play Bingo and other games.

She loved when there was musical entertainment, having always been a music lover. She even received a scarf from “Elvis” (a musical impersonator), which became a prized possession. Further, she enjoyed the noontime meals.

“First and foremost, I valued the staff and the care they gave my mother,” says Bathurst, who adds that the care her mother received "was exceptional. In fact, when I telephoned them to let them know that she had passed away, Gina, the director, said that it was their great privilege to have taken care of Mother."

The program’s consistent love and dedication to clients made Bathurst's life much easier, she indicates. "My husband and my goal was to keep Mother home and out of skilled nursing care and, thanks in great part to the staff at Diakon Adult Day Servcies, we were able to do that.“

Florence Schumacher was 103 years old when she passed away.

“I would and do recommend adult day care at Manatawny to anyone who wants to keep their older relatives engaged and thriving in a loving, safe atmosphere,” Bathurst says.

Diakon Adult Day Services at Manatawny

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