Assisted living resident at one time helped with cancer research

Hagerstown, Md.    Friday, September 26, 2014

Charles Riggs has always lived in the Hagerstown, Maryland, area, though his newest home is the Assisted Living Community on the Robinwood campus of Diakon Senior Living – Hagerstown. Although the 95-year-old didn’t originally expect to remain in the assisted living community long-term, he has found everything about Robinwood to his liking.

“After a surgery, my niece was concerned about my continuing to live on my own,” he says. “She helped me find this spot at Robinwood and I am very happy with it.”

While Riggs thought he might return to his own residence, he now believes Diakon Senior Living – Hagerstown is the place for him. He appreciates the many activities available and his niece and her husband visit a few times a week.

“I am feeling more at home every day,” he says, after having settled into a comfortable routine.

Riggs served for three-and-one-half years in the Army Air Force during World War II.

It was “quite an experience,” he says, and enabled him to attend college on the GI Bill. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1950 with a degree in business and accounting and soon found work at the Fort Detrick Army installation in Frederick, Maryland.

The assistance with cancer research was both rewarding and interesting ...

In the early 1970s, parts of the military base transitioned into a civilian center for cancer research and Riggs was able to put his skills in math and statistics to use in analyzing research data.

“There were a lot of experiments being designed and conducted in the labs there,” he explains. “It was rewarding and interesting work.”

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