Her first horse ride ... at 100

Middletown, Pennsylvania    Thursday, August 27, 2020

Betty Kitzmiller had two wishes for her 100th birthday celebration.

One was to visit the queen of England and Buckingham Palace.

The second was to ride a horse for the first time in her life.

Staff members at Frey Village, where Ms. Kitzmiller is a resident, knew the first was out of the question but the second ... not so much.

With the assistance of Prairie Fire Farms Foundation, Inc., a Grantville nonprofit horse rescue that offers equine-assisted therapy and educational programs, that second wish became a reality. 

Her response: “When I was sitting up on the horse, I felt like I was in heaven!”

Coincidentally, the mustang she rode, Puck, is 100 years old in “horse years”!

A corollary wish was a Corvette ride around the Frey Village campus. Staff made that wish come true, too.

Watch a video about Betty’s horse ride

(Please note the link opens a video housed on Facebook; if you are not signed into Facebook, the link may not work.) 


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