Recently, I was asked by a prospective donor about my own commitment to the organization and why I give back to Diakon. I thought that was a great question and shared a number of impactful things immediately…

$2 million of financial assistance
will be provided in 2022 to senior living residents who have outlived their financial resources and would have nowhere else to go

$300,000 of unreimbursed care
for young adults who, after making some poor choices, are getting a second chance by receiving help to become more productive members of society

More than 300 children
are placed with loving foster care families every day

Hundreds of individuals of all ages
are receiving the support they require from our mental health professionals

More than 100,000 meals
are delivered annually to homebound seniors in need through our Meals on Wheels program


The Diakon organization has accomplished all the above and much more in the face of significantly escalating costs, labor shortages, wage wars, and many other challenges that have been magnified by the persistent COVID-19 pandemic.

I think about the value that Diakon brings to the various communities in which we operate, and it is the primary reason that I have put Diakon at the top of my charitable giving list every year since I joined the organization 13 years ago. Sure, I have the great privilege of being the organization’s President and Chief Executive Officer, and I would likely choose to give back at some level simply because of that fact. But it is the sense of pride I feel in our mission of helping our neighbors in need, the belief in what our organization stands for, and the desire to enhance the already-enormous impact on the many clients, residents, and patients that we have the pleasure of serving that makes me want to invest monetary support in the Diakon organization.

As we head into the holiday season and approach the end of 2022, I ask you to please consider joining me today in supporting Diakon as it continues its 150+ year history of improving the lives of those in need. As pandemic financial pressures mount and related labor challenges persist, additional financial support is needed to cover the escalating costs of care. While Diakon is fortunate to have financial resources to establish the foundation for our valuable services, supplemental income sources are necessary to meet the increasing demand for our services and to satisfy the costs of meeting that demand.

I would be personally grateful if you would partner with me and consider Diakon in your year-end charitable giving plans. Through the many challenges of the past two years, Diakon has remained steadfast in its commitment to its mission, providing security for seniors who have run out of financial resources, continuing to serve underfunded social service programs, and aiding in the overall wellness of its many beneficiaries.

I am extremely thankful for what you have given in the past, and any gift you make now is appreciated. As the leader of the organization, I can assure you that your donation will be utilized prudently and in a way that maximizes the impact on those we serve. I humbly ask for your partnership again with the greatest pride for an organization that means so much to me and on behalf of the many people whose lives it touches daily. What better way to head into the new year than with a firm resolve to give to those in need of our help.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season,

Scott D. Habecker
President & Chief Executive Officer