Dear Friends,

Home. For most, it is a certainty. For others, it is an aspiration.

Some of our community’s most vulnerable are in need of your help today. Quite simply, home is a beacon of shelter, safety and love that many children and elderly are without.

I was once one of those children.

Dr. Jim Goldey was a brilliant physicist working at Bell Labatories, who had married the love of his life, Jeanne. But when they could not have children of their own, they adopted two: my older brother, Jim (from a different birth family), and me. We had a wonderful home, great education and above all else, two loving parents.

Eventually, my mother passed away, and it became time for my father to move into a senior living community. It was critical that he was somewhere that felt as safe and joyful as the home he had built for his family over the decades. Because of Luther Crest’s outstanding reputation, he joined many of his friends in Allentown, Pennsylvania at the senior living community founded by Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries.

While my dad was blessed to call Luther Crest his home until his last days, there are many seniors who, due to financial circumstances, do not have the security of staying in the place that has become their home.

Imagine your family member being asked to leave their senior living facility because they have lived beyond their financial capacity. Diakon makes sure that this will never happen. But it is only through donations from caring people like you that can make this possible. I encourage you to be a part of the solution by offering your most generous donation to Diakon.

Sometimes we discover what we are most grateful for by picturing what life would be like without those things. What if my father had not had access to the benevolent care offered by Luther Crest? What if he, in fact, had never had the opportunity to become a father at all? My, how drastically different my life would be.

In this season of gratitude, I am especially thankful that Diakon not only takes care of our seniors, but also brings families together through foster care and adoption.

All these causes had a profound impact on my family. This is why I chose to make a gift in honor of my parents to Diakon.

Every contribution is a stepping stone towards someone finding a loving place to live, like my father and I both did.

Friends, this holiday season, give the gift of a secure and loving home by making a charitable donation to Diakon. Please, change the life of a child or senior today. The impact will be felt for generations to come.

With gratitude,
Kristina Goldey Saunders
Proud daughter of Jim and Jeanne Goldey

PS: You may be the sole reason that a child or elderly member of our community has a home this holiday season. Please help someone who is vulnerable by sending in your best gift today.

PPS: As a friendly reminder, there are some important CARES Act provisions that are scheduled to expire at the year’s end. These provisions may affect you—and even make it easier for you to make a gift to Diakon.

An expanded charitable giving incentive allows taxpayers who take the standard deduction to deduct up to $300 in charitable cash contributions for single filers (or $600 for married couple) to qualified charities like ours (but not to supporting organizations or donor advised funds).

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