The following people contributed between $2,500 and $4,999 during 2021. Their support is deeply appreciated. 

  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Barger - through Fidelity Charitable Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Donovan - through Benevity Community Impact Fund and Blackbaud Giving Fund
  • The Dorothy K. Raubenhold Fund - through inFaith Community Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Dreese
  • Maj Gen (Ret) and Mrs. John C. Faith
  • Ms. Charlotte K. Friend
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod E. Leo
  • The Rev. and Mrs. Richard A. Miller
  • Family of Esther R. Nissley
  • Mr. William L. Reed, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Renninger
  • Ms. Lynsey W. Riley
  • Mrs. Gale S. Schlechter
  • Mrs. Mary Ann Spengler
  • Mr. Ezra A. Wenner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Wolfe