FLIGHT Program Description

Fulfilling Life's Intentions with Growth, Hope, and Transition.


Preparing today’s young adults to become members of the community and workforce of tomorrow.


The Diakon Wilderness Center has been entrusted to develop a program for a traditionally underserved population: young adults who are aging out of the system. Historically, these young men have low success rates as adults. This program is designed to be a year of intensive one-on-one mentoring both during the weekends as a group and individually in the community during the week, and strives to ensure each participant is put on a positive path.


  • Establish a lifetime mentor and awareness of community resources
  • Acquire all needed documents, licenses, and coverage (social security card, birth
certificate, driver’s license, medical insurance, etc.) to become an independent
  • Establish a life career and/or educational path
  • Engage in a lifestyle of positive choices and pursuits, championed through
exposure to various community members, volunteer opportunities, and national
  • Continued learning through pursuit of GED, diploma, or entrance into secondary
  • Recovery programs based on AA 12-Steps for participants with drug and alcohol


Staff members will interact with and positively engage the students in their communities on a weekly basis. Their role will essentially be that of a mentor – inspiring and guiding these young men towards adulthood. During the weekends, these students will have the opportunity to engage in experiential activities aimed at teaching the various competency development topics. Within the year-long participation, students will partake in various week-long national service trips to help others in need while exploring new and diverse parts of the country.


  • Male

  • 17 to 24 years of age

  • History of involvement with Juvenile Probation, Children and Youth Services, or
  • meets qualifications to be considered “at-risk”
  • From regional counties (Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, York, Adams, Franklin, Lancaster, Bucks)

  • Post high school or needing GED (must supply proof of HS diploma or GED if completed)

  • Off probation or on track to complete probation
o Good standing with CYS or Foster Care/Group Home
  • Willingness to stay drug and alcohol free – submit to random testing throughout the program with a strikes policy for positive testing


  • Develop Independent Living Skills
  • Educational goal

  • Workplace preparation

  • Housing
  • Computer skills

  • Mentorship resources

  • Community building

  • Drug and Alcohol Recovery