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Based at the Diakon Wilderness Center, the Center Point Day Program is a day treatment program that, like other Diakon Youth Services programs, strives to nurture change and growth in a challenging and supportive environment. The safe, community-based program features individualized programming for students who struggle in a traditional school environment.

Participating students choose from either a career and academic approach or a school-based focus. Both offer training and experience in vocational training and employment; evidence-based family and competency development emphases; on-site drug and alcohol/mental health counseling; and therapeutic leadership development through adventure-based activities.

The goal of the program is for every student to be a successful graduate and a productive, connected, and law-abiding member of society and the community.

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Special activity: For a limited time, Diakon Youth Services has made arrangements to sell a variety of shirts and sweatshirts that reflect one of our program emphases on being positive: #BBQ, or Build Up or Be Quiet! These shirts were provided last year for students and staff members and were a big hit, with others more recently asking how they could obtain one.

As a result, we have arranged with Artistic Imprints for the items, which will be shipped directly to you at no extra costs. All varieties and costs can be found at the storefront link below. And the best thing is that all proceeds directly benefit the programs of Diakon Youth Services. 


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