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Family Involvement in the Center Point Day Program

Family-Development Conferencing …

When a youth begins participation in Center Point, an Individual Service Plan, or ISP, meeting will be held on campus within 30 days of the date of placement. The entire service team, including family members, is invited. If parents or county representatives are not able to be present, the ISP, in most cases, can be conducted by teleconference. Two additional family meetings will be scheduled at the initial ISP meeting.

Three family-development conferences are provided for each family and student of Center Point:

  • The first conference (ISP) helps the family to identify student and family strengths, concerns, available resources, and intended goals. Our strengths-based approach supports the family and student in creating a mutually agreed-upon family plan and student-developed goals. These goals are represented in the individual service plan as the student’s family-based goals.
  • The second conference provides the family with an opportunity to review the plan and understand which aspects are working and which are not. This approach allows the team to revise the plan as needed.
  • Much like the second, the third conference focuses on reviewing the plan to make adjustments and consider the need for additional support or planning to assist the student in transitioning successfully out of the program. The goal is to have as many resources available as needed for the student and family to be successful in their community.

Throughout the program year, families are invited to scheduled events called Family Days to take part in activities that create fun, shared experiences. Family members have the opportunity to meet with program staff and teachers, share a meal prepared by students in our culinary program, and participate in a variety of Family Day activities. (Transportation for families to and from the Diakon Wilderness Center for these events can be furnished upon request.)

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