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?The Bridge Program is a community-based, weekday support and intervention service based on a therapeutic approach to accountability. The program helps adolescents to build a foundation of self-discipline and respect for family, teachers, the law, and self.

While an effective stand-alone service, the Bridge Program becomes weeklong intervention when linked with the Diakon Wilderness Center’s Weekend Alternative Program, enhancing the efficacy of treatment. The program’s focus on accountability, including curfew calls and electronic monitoring, is supplemented by in-home or at-school visits, assuring close monitoring of youths’ activities and the opportunity to provide guidance as needed. Participants are held accountable for their actions and are reminded of consequences.

On weekends, youths are transported to the Diakon Wilderness Center campus near Boiling Springs, Pa. Here, counseling and community service are combined with outdoor- and adventure-based activities, targeting youths’ “behaviors in the community” for specific treatment interventions. Close communication between Bridge and WAP staff members assures that home, school, and individual issues are addressed promptly and consistently for maximum impact.

The Bridge Program offers two components:

The Bridge Program currently serves youths from Adams, Chester, Cumberland, Delaware, Franklin, Lancaster, and Perry counties of Pennsylvania but inquiries from other counties are welcomed and will be seriously considered.

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