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Teenagers who take part in the Weekend Alternative Program experience an extraordinary transformation. Most participants enter the program filled with feelings of hostility, anger, and denial. During the youths’ participation, these self-destructive feelings are slowly replaced with self-confidence, self-control, and a sense of accountability.

Designed as an alternative to expensive out-of-home placement or as a first response for youths who have begun to head down the wrong path in life, the Weekend Alternative Program operates from Friday through Sunday at the Diakon Wilderness Center campus in Boiling Springs, Pa., allowing youths to remain at home during the week while receiving therapeutically beneficial services on the weekends.

Click here to view our policy on zero tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual harassment. The Weekend Alternative Program is required to meet all PREA standards for juvenile facilities, as published in the Federal Register of June 20, 2012. Diakon's Corporate Compliance Hotline can be reached by calling 1-855-561-7821. The compliance hotline is available to staff members, clients and client representatives for submitting concerns or complaints related to any Diakon Youth Services program. The call is completely anonymous if the caller does not want to leave his or her name.

You can view our wellness policies here. In addition, see our non-discrimination statement and a helpful link for filing any complaint related to our participation in a USDA program. Click here for information on the Summer Rocks USDA food program and the USDA summer meal-site finder.

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