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About the Weekend Alternative Program

By providing a safe sanctuary for youths to learn about themselves and express the challenges they face daily at home, at work, in school, and in their communities, the Weekend Alternative Program delivers a better learning experience for participants. Staff members help youths work through their problems and concerns, offering advice and suggestions they can try with their families and peers and in community settings during the week.

During 10 weekends staff members deliver a life-changing experience, one that includes sleeping in outside shelters. Depending on staff members for their security, participating youths understand the need to rely on others and, through this trust, develop relationships that open them to learning.

Strong, Fundamental Programming

Youths in the Weekend Alternative Program rotate through a series of specifically designed program options that include counseling, community service activities, drug and alcohol awareness education, and the Diakon Wilderness Center’s adventure-based activities—away from the distractions and temptations presented by peer influences at home. These program features include:

  • Wilderness Adventure—includes full weekend trips spent canoeing, rock climbing, caving, and hiking, designed to build teamwork and self-respect.
  • Community Service—teaches the value of giving back to the community through service with non-profit organizations.
  • Competency Development—focuses on improving communication, making good decisions, and managing emotions, while also helping the youths learn how to become positive, productive members of society.
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness—creates recognition of the negative effects drugs and alcohol have on individuals, families, and communities.
  • Violence Awareness—emphasizes the impact of violence on individuals, families, and communities, including domestic violence and gang or gun issues.

First-Response Approach

Developed for 12- to 18-year-old males and females, the Weekend Alternative Program is a strong first-response intervention for youths whose negative behaviors could lead to more costly and restrictive services if not addressed. The program focuses on a wide range of concerns including but not limited to…

  • Social adversities
  • School issues
  • Family dysfunction
  • Accountability for probation violations
  • Drug and alcohol issues

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