Our Inventory

We offer our inventory in Excel and PDF forms. The PDFs are great for printing.
The Excel documents are offered as design tools. They can be downloaded and saved to your computer. The columns are fully sortable, so if you are looking for certain attributes, by sun or moisture needs, by bloom time or color, clay tolerance, etc., you can find all the plants we carry that meet your needs.
We hope these tools will make it easier to add native plants to your existing landscape. Please feel free to provide us with feedback. These lists are works in progress, and we are constantly adding and adjusting to make them more user friendly. 

  • Fern Species Availability (Excel) (PDF)
  • Grass & Sedge Species Availability (Excel) (PDF)
  • Herbaceous Species Availability (Excel) (PDF)
  • Tree, Shrub and Vine Species Availability (Excel) (PDF)