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Diakon Adoption & Foster Care

Diakon Adoption & Foster Care brings permanence to the lives of waiting children and youths. Through varying type of foster care and adoption, we focus on creating forever families, building the best possible union for both child and parent.

Adopting a child or providing foster care is an important commitment and Diakon is here to help you every step of the way.

“Diakon offers up-to-date classes on adoption and foster care and provides you with the tools you need to be able to help you and your child(ren). We have found that the children that are looking for a forever home have a lot of trauma and need a family that will help them work through their issues without giving up on them. Diakon is realistic and honest about the situations that you may encounter. They are very friendly and you can feel comfortable with them to help you through every step of the process.”

“After you are certified, you may choose to be a foster parent, foster-to-adopt parent or an adoptive parent only. The choice is completely up to you. Diakon does not pressure you one way or another. They will provide you with all the details that you need to make the best decision for you and your family.”

“The adoption process was long but rewarding. [Our caseworker] really did a great job .... Her technique was very helpful to [our child] and helped [her] to understand where she came from, telling her it wasn't her fault, and overall just did a terrific job ... She was also very respectful and helpful to my husband and me.”

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