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Many children and youth long for family. They yearn for stability, permanence and, most of all, love.

Are you ready to help make their dreams come true? To help make their worlds whole again?

If so, Diakon Adoption & Foster Care can help. Through us, waiting children and youth are united with loving and caring families, whether through foster care, legal-risk (foster-to-adopt) placements, kinship placements or adoption.

Give the gift of family!

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Why Diakon?

We deeply appreciate your visiting Diakon Adoption & Foster Care. But while many resource-family referrals come to us from families who have already provided foster care or adopted, you may still be deciding with whom you want to work.

So why Diakon?

We believe we have the answer to that question and invite you to learn more about Why Diakon?

Adopted or fostered child proudly holding certificate of achievement.

Why Choose Diakon?

There are numerous foster care and adoption organizations. We believe the reasons below are why you should select Diakon Adoption & Foster Care ...

Diakon has been serving at-risk children and youth for over 150 years

  • Diakon’s long history underscores our commitment to making a difference in the lives of at-risk children and youths.
  • We adapt our services to meet changing needs.
  • Adaptability invites innovation: We were one of the first adoption agencies in the country to focus exclusively on the placement of children with special needs—and one of the first in the region to offer foster-to-adopt services.

Diakon has a high staff retention rate

  • Our team members have longstanding relationships with families.
    • Nearly 98% of our families say they’d turn to Diakon again.
  • Longevity means our staff is experienced in helping families navigate the foster care and adoption systems, often making the journey easier.
    • 92.2% of our foster placements experience no disruption.
  • Many of our team members have fostered or adopted themselves—testimony to their dedication and commitment to children and youths.

Diakon offers a range of services to meet varying needs

  • Our services are focused on meeting you and your family’s individual needs—and include:
    • Family recruitment and training
    • Foster care
    • Child profiles and preparation
    • Adoption placement and finalization
    • Post-permanency services
    • Child-specific recruitment and family finding
    • Pregnancy services
    • Adoption search services
  • We have extensive collaborative relationships with county agencies and other service providers—which means we receive a high number of referrals of children and youths who need foster care. Plus, we can quickly connect families with needed resources if we don’t offer them ourselves.

Perhaps the most important reason for choosing Diakon

We are completely committed to your success! We offer comprehensive family-focused programs including support groups for families in various stages of the process—and even a unique sibling-training group that prepares children already living in resource homes for the addition of a child or youth to their family.

How do we support our families?

Diakon Adoption & Foster Care supports the families with whom we work in a variety of ways:

  • We assign a case manager who will be with them throughout their foster care or adoption journey.
  • We provide training and related opportunities on a continuing basis. 
  • Our support groups offer the chance to build relationships and similar connections with other resource parents, providing additional support for your journey.
  • We offer CORE—or Critical Ongoing Resource Family Education—an evidence-based program to support parenting of older youths.

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These are just a few aspects of the Diakon difference! We invite you to learn more. Contact us today.

The children’s homes from which we arose ...

Image of a children's home from which Diakon arose.   Additional image of a children's home from which Diakon arose.