Our dedicated staff members ... in their own words

  • “It’s an amazing job,” says a Diakon Adoption & Foster Care staff member. “Every day is different, but in the end we are forming families. I have always wanted to do something where I could make a difference and see the change I’ve helped to make. To bring children and families together...well, I just love what I do.”
  • “It’s the kind of job that sticks with you,” says a senior living campus support-services manager. “Like when I see seniors who need a hand, I just want to help them. Working here has changed me—has helped me to grow. I care deeply about the people I serve and do everything in my power for them. Really I can’t imagine working any place else.” 
  • “I was intrigued by the care I received,” says a nurse who received care at a Diakon senior living community following an illness. “I was impressed by the care and the caring people. Working here now, I see it everywhere. Overall, working here has changed me. It’s made me a more caring person, a more well-rounded nurse. I feel I am giving more of myself. I do believe everything happens for a reason.”
  • I’ve always valued education and the impact it has on an individual,” says a clinical services director. “Diakon’s tuition assistance program has enabled me to pursue and complete my Master’s in Nursing Education degree. I plan on giving back to the organization through teaching and training of our clinical staff.”

  • “I love being at the reception desk,” says a Diakon Senior Living Services staff member. “I greet people, meeting the public and many families. Plus, I have the chance to talk with a lot of the residents one-on-one and hear their stories.” 
  • My colleagues inspire me,” says a personal care assistant. “Everyone looks out for one another. Sure, some days are tough, but I choose to be positive. It’s an honor for me to work here. I believe I make a difference.” 
  • “The Tuition Assistance Program is very generous,” says a Diakon Ministry Support executive. “I was able to take a course or two a semester, leading to my obtaining my master’s degree. I know of many other staff members who have used the program, including nursing staff who have advanced from CNA to LPN or more, to advance not only educationally but also in their career track within Diakon.”
  • “We have a very caring staff,” says a memory-support services manager. “I like the way Diakon is there for people and families throughout their entire lives.”


  • “We are a mentor for the youths we serve,” says a Diakon Youth Services case manager. “We establish a rapport and are there to just listen sometimes. Some of these kids have had to deal with terrible things in life. But we have a good team in place and are there for each other. It can be hard, because you don’t always see success right away, but if you can change just one life and see one of your kids go to college, that’s very rewarding.” 
  • “I am like a mentor, the go-to person if they have questions after orientation,” explains a nurse-preceptor. “I also am a role model, setting an example. I’m very proud of working for Diakon. I believe in the organization and its mission, the idea that we are all gifts of God and have worth.”
  • “I have met wonderful people,” says a certified nursing assistant. “My days have many upbeat moments, and I have found a side of myself I didn’t know. In my heart, I’ve always wanted to do a job that makes a difference ... this is where I was meant to be.”