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Diakon Community Services

Committed to transforming the lives of older adults, Diakon offers not only senior living communities but also a range of community-based services. Dependent on region, these services include education and events for active older adults, senior community centers, meals on wheels, volunteer opportunities, RSVP opportunities and specialized programs that help people navigate Medicare.

The sidebar links provide information on these services, designed to help you or a loved one live rewarding, fulfilling lives—in the community.

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Important Notice - Farm Market Vouchers

As of August 8, 2023, Diakon Community Services has distributed all the designated farmer's market vouchers that were allotted to Schuylkill County byt the Department of Agriculture for 2023. The county will not be receiving any additional vouchers; we will not be able to fulfill those on the waiting list. Thank you for your understanding. We want to remind all who have received vouchers to please redeem them by November 30, 2023 and support PA farmers.

Farm Check Eligibility and Proxy Form Farm Check Distribution Schedule

“The class motivated me to have a healthy lifestyle. Every session was informative and I looked forward to learning what would be discussed next.” ”

Judy Bush

“I cooked all my life and is it a pleasure to have someone else do the cooking!”

MOW Consumer

“One woman became teary and said, ‘No one has ever cared for me this much.’”

Linda Ambrose, Volunteer