You Could Be the Reason They Succeed!

Now that I know better, I do better – Maya Angelou

Stephanie in the car with a friendOne day on her way to school, Stephanie accepted a car ride from a friend. She did not know the car was stolen. It was a decision that changed her life forever … but not irrevocably.

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Diakon’s Second Chance Fund

Diakon’s Second Chance Fund helps youth overcome their past and turn their lives around through the hope you offer, providing the tools and assistance they need to realize their promise and become contributing members of society.

Now more than ever, we need your help to sustain our Second Chance programs. 

Diakon continues to meet the needs of people of all ages, particularly our most vulnerable. As we move beyond the pandemic, we, too face new economic challenges. These challenges have created an increase in the cost of meeting the social and emotional needs of families in need of support. As the demand for services increases, we need your help to help our youth continue on the path to success!

In fact, these programs generate motivation to succeed. Youth must make progress toward personal goals to gain the aid you provide—so you know your support will make a meaningful difference.

Your donation offers hope through:

  • Technology and internet access to provide young people with the ability to maintain their education and work-study and continue necessary counseling
  • Professional attire for job interviews for youth working toward financial stability
  • Meals and groceries for families via gift cards to replace missed meals typically provided through school lunch program participation
  • Virtual counseling sessions
  • Court-related financial obligations for those youths who are working through a poor decision and need to make restitution
  • Family Preservation and Reunification Program: helping to safeguard a returning child or youth upon re-entry to the family and prevent recidivism

Because of your generous support, the Diakon Second Chance Fund will help youth and their families continue to move forward while maintaining their dignity and self-respect.

I Believe In Second Chances

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