Your Gift’s Impact

You may direct your gift in numerous ways, supporting ...

  • Benevolent care endowment funds at each of Diakon’s senior living communities.
  • A variety of services for children and youth, including adoption, foster care, at-risk youth programs and counseling.
  • The Diakon Lutheran Fund, a separate endowment-type organization whose roots date to 1868—and whose sole purpose is to support programs/services of greatest need within the Diakon organization.

Here are illustrations of just a few specific ways your gifts help:

The Flight Program

Based at the Diakon Wilderness Center, the Flight Program is a mentoring and training program designed to help young men, most of whom were served by youth programs but who have aged out of those services, become contributing members of society. Youth in Flight voluntarily participate, accepting the challenging steps they need to take to become successful.

Young men served by Flight are in college, in technical schools, or at work—or both—making huge strides to becoming adults of whom we can all be proud. Your gift to Flight helps in the following ways:

  • $500 will support volunteer/mentoring activities for Flight students for one weekend
  • $250 will support the cost of transportation to and from job interviews and college-entrance activities for a Flight student for one month
  • $100 will feed Flight students for a weekend as they participate in Flight team-building, volunteer, and counseling activities
  • $50 will help a Flight student obtain documents (birth certificate, driver’s license) needed to obtain gainful employment
  • Your gift of any size will help support The Diakon Wilderness Center Flight Program

Diakon Adoption & Foster Care

Since 1868, Diakon served the needs of children and youth. Our adoption and foster care program, in many respects, is a direct descendant of the Tressler and Topton children’s homes. Always innovative, the program has been a national model for adoption and foster-care services for children and youth with special needs. Your generous gift to Diakon Adoption & Foster Care can help in the following ways:

  • $500 will provide support (counseling, child care etc.) to families who have adopted a child or older youth with special needs.
  • $250 will provide pajamas, a toothbrush, a change of clothing, and a duffel bag for one child in an emergency placement.
  • $100 will help pay for an after-school or summer program, which can help to bring normalcy to a child's life.
  • $50 will provide the materials for a "Life Book," which chronicles through information and photographs of a child’s life.
  • Your gift of any size will help Diakon Adoption & Foster Care.

Please contact us if you have questions about these programs or are interested in other ways you can support or endow ministries that, since 1868, have been making a remarkable difference in the lives of children, families and older adults.