The Collection

Our collection includes 110 labelled trees of 67 different species. Most are deciduous, either native trees or selected specimen trees, 15 are conifers and 2 are deciduous conifers. Many of these trees are young, planted between 2012 and 2021, but along the borders of the campus there are mature trees from an older time. Download or view a recent listing of our collection below.

Alphabetically by Common Name or Alphabetically by Scientific Name

Special Features

Of special interest are three yellow flowering hybrid Magnolias, developed by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and given to the Kayhart Arboretum when it opened in 2015.



Projected Plans

A spring flowering tree line and an evergreen tree line are being developed along two campus roads. Several gardens including a native Pennsylvania plant garden, a poet’s garden, several pollinator gardens and a sundial garden are in various stages of planning or development.