Dialog Newsletter

Please click any of the links below to download PDF copies of Dialog, Diakon's corporate newsletter. Please note that for several years, Dialog was published in regional editions, including Delaware-Maryland, Lower Susquehanna, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Upper Susquehanna, and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Beginning in 2007, the newsletter again was published as a single edition. The first issue of each year includes the annual Donor Report.

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Date Title
11/15/2017 Dialog Newsletter - Fall-Winter 2017
3/23/2017 Dialog Newsletter - Spring-Summer 2017


Date Title
11/14/2016 Dialog Newsletter - Fall-Winter 2016
4/2/2016 Dialog Newsletter - Spring 2016


Date Title
12/7/2015 Dialog Newsletter - Fall 2015
3/25/2015 Dialog Newsletter - Spring 2015


Date Title
11/12/2014 Dialog Newsletter - Fall 2014
4/18/2014 Dialog Newsletter - Spring 2014