Diakon Adoption Services Diakon Wilderness Center helps steer youths to right path Diakon Kathryn Diakon Youth Services help at-risk teens and young adult become productive members of society Diakon Family Life Services - compassionate counseling

150 Years of Caring and Concern

Many of Diakon’s services for children, youths, and families directly continue the heritage of care and concern begun in 1868 by the Tressler Orphans Home and, decades later, by The Lutheran Home at Topton.

From adoption and foster care to family counseling and wilderness-based programs for at-risk youths, these services bring children and families together … guide troubled youths to become contributing members of society … aid families in navigating all sorts of challenges and crises … and help children in a variety of circumstances see their potential and reach for new goals. Each year, this rich array of services touches the lives of tens of thousands of people of all ages.

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