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Diakon Family Life Services

UPDATE - February 2021:  Diakon Family Life Services continues to offer tele-health behavioral health care services in all of its programs and at all locations. Please specify that you wish to receive this type of service when contacting any of our programs. Our tele-health capabilities mean you receive services through video or by telephone. Please note that Diakon uses the “waiting room” feature on all Zoom accounts, protecting against unwanted persons joining meetings. In addition, Diakon requires meeting passwords and does not permit recording of tele-health meetings by either party. We continue to monitor our systems for any security issues. If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Since the 1970s, Diakon Family Life Services has met the mental health needs of people through quality, compassionate counseling, family-based mental-health services and specialized programs including addictions counseling, trauma-focused therapy, public school-based services and Family-Based Mental Health for Problematic Sexual Behaviors, a service designed to assist children and youths and their family members/support systems.