Our Staff Members

Diakon Family Life Services employs highly educated, dedicated and caring professionals to help you, when you are most in need. We invite you to read more about them. (Location indicates sites at which the staff member offers counseling.)

Diakon Family Life Services is led by Laurel Spencer, Executive Director.

Capital Region Outpatient Counseling Staff

Brynn Thompson Brynn Thompson School Based Therapist
Charles Richey Charles Richey MSW, LCSW, School Based Therapist
Ed Stuber Ed Stuber MA, ICAADC Therapist
Jennifer Gates Jennifer Gates BSS, School-Based Counselor
Justin Smith Justin Smith MHA, MAED, CSOTS, CJSOTS, Therapist
Kathryn Irwin Kathryn Irwin MS, MSW, LPC Therapist
Maya Colonna Maya Colonna MSW, LSW, School Based Therapist
Miranda J. Snyder Miranda J. Snyder MA, Therapist
Molly Myers Molly Myers MA, School Based Therapist
Rachel Moyer Rachel Moyer CAADC, LPC, School Based Clinical Team Lead
Teresa Crayton Teresa Crayton M.Ed, LPC, Therapist

Upper Susquehanna Region Outpatient Counseling Staff

Alysa Amato Alysa Amato M.S.W., LSW, Therapist
Andrea Silverstrim Andrea Silverstrim M.Ed., LPC, CAADC, Therapist
Christopher A. Moser Christopher A. Moser LSW, Clinical Coordinator
Jennifer Hess Jennifer Hess NCC, Clinical Team Leader
Jennifer Panaccio Jennifer Panaccio M.A., Therapist
Kaitlin Ulsamer Kaitlin Ulsamer LPC, Therapist
Kathryn McCarty-Welch Kathryn McCarty-Welch M.S., NCC, Therapist
Kelly Eichenlaub Kelly Eichenlaub M.S., LPC, Therapist
Lenora J. Broda Lenora J. Broda LPC, Therapist
Michele R. Barrows Michele R. Barrows ICCJP, CCJP, Therapist, Team Leader
Morgan Churchill Morgan Churchill MA, LPC, Therapist (Williamsport & School-Based Services)
Scott L. Carpenter Scott L. Carpenter LSW, CAADC, ICAADC, Therapist, Team Leader
Sylvia Beiler Sylvia Beiler M.S., CJSOTS, CAACD, Therapist
Tracy Ericson Tracy Ericson LSW, Therapist
Vanessa Shellman Vanessa Shellman M.S., BSL
William G. Krieger William G. Krieger Ph.D., Therapist