Making a Referral

The Weekend Alternative Program is designed as an early-intervention alternative for youths headed down the wrong paths in life and who may require more costly placements if concerns are not addressed. The program accepts youths under the following guidelines and circumstances:

  • Delinquent and dependent youths in need of behavioral and social intervention during weekends
  • Males and females ages 12 to 18
  • Social misconduct
  • Drug and Alcohol – the program offers psycho-educational program along with trips to AA groups. All students will be drug-tested at least once a month
  • School misconduct/academic problems, including learning issues and truancy
  • Accountability for probation violations and truancy
  • The program operates most effectively when used in conjunction with supportive activities occurring on weekdays in the youth’s community.

 Transportation of students to and from the program site is provided by Diakon Youth Services.

 The Referral Process

To make a referral ...

  1. Email Danielle Vucetich or email us at – to initiate the referral process. The Weekend Alternative Program will make every attempt to accept a youth for placement with the first referral call. Please specify the track you would like the youth to complete.
  2. Send all information pertinent to the referred youth’s background including school records, medical history, psychological testing, diagnostic report, family/social history and recommendation (if available) for admissions staff review.
  3. For your convenience, you can download copies of the two parts of our referral packet.

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