Adoption Fees

Diakon Adoption & Foster Care makes every effort to keep adoption fees reasonable and within the reach of families interested in adopting a child or children. We welcome any and all contributions that help to keep our services affordable for families! See the How You Can Help page for more information. In addition, there could be tax credits available for most adopting families; consult an accountant, attorney or the IRS for specific information.

In Pennsylvania, the Statewide Adoption & Permanency Network (SWAN) pays fees associated with the home study and placement of children with special needs from within the state. That means the adoption process could literally cost you nothing!

In all interstate adoptions, we bill the states for the placement fee. However, if the state does not cover such costs, the family would be responsible to pay fees if they remain interested in a child or children from that state. Those fees are listed below:

Family profile (home study):    $  3,100
Interstate placements:    $  9,000
Pregnancy Services placements (infants):    $11,600 + assoc. birth-parent costs

Diakon Adoption & Foster Care works closely with SWAN in coordinating in-state adoptions. However, one additional benefit of working with us is our experience in interstate adoptions across the nation. While those placements may require more adoptive-family participation in paying fees, the service also allows prospective parents to choose any child or children listed on adoption-placement websites across the country.