Adoption Testimonials

Real statements from our real parents ... 

I am a foster-to-adopt parent through Diakon for the last 6 years; I absolutely love this organization. The case workers and staff are some of the greatest people I’ve worked with. I adopted my youngest daughter through them and I will forever be grateful! Anyone looking to fill your heart and home with love from one of these amazing children, this is the agency to go through ... Thank you Diakon for all you have done and continue to do for these kiddos!

“We were very happy with our adoption experience with Diakon. Our workers were knowledgeable, informative and always responded quickly. Everyone we worked with was polite, friendly, understanding and awesome!”

“Our experiences with Diakon have been positive .... Our [case manager] has been awesome to work with. She always follows up with us in a timely manner whenever we have questions or concerns.”

“Diakon offers up-to-date classes on adoption and foster care and provides you with the tools you need to be able to help you and your child(ren). We have found that the children that are looking for a forever home have a lot of trauma and need a family that will help them work through their issues without giving up on them. Diakon is realistic and honest about the situations that you may encounter. They are very friendly and you can feel comfortable with them to help you through every step of the process.”

Everyone at Diakon has always been great to work with and we have appreciated the opportunity to take care of and love the children we have been blessed with. Our most-recent caseworker ... has been very friendly and knowledgeable and helpful, as everyone has always been. Thank you all and keep up the good work for the children and families!

After “you are certified, you may choose to be a foster parent, foster-to-adopt parent or an adoptive parent only. The choice is completely up to you. Diakon does not pressure you one way or another. They will provide you with all the details that you need to make the best decision for you and your family.”

“The boys were in the system for four years. They didn't believe we would want them. They were very skeptical. [Now] you see a light that didn't use to be there. They didn't use to laugh for the sake of something silly. It was difficult to show emotions. They don't have that problem anymore."

“I would recommend Diakon highly when choosing a safe and supportive team to help you during your journey. You will feel comfortable in sharing any of your concerns with them. Their main goal is to help bring families together."

“I was completely surprised and impressed that [our initial caseworker] came to the adoption. We had not worked with her for a while. That really meant a lot and showed me that we were not just another client, but an important group of individuals working toward the same goal.”

“The adoption process was long but rewarding. [Our caseworker] really did a great job .... Her technique was very helpful to [our child] and helped [her] to understand where she came from, telling her it wasn't her fault, and overall just did a terrific job .... She was also very respectful and helpful to my husband and me.”

“CORE teen training should be required for all parents!”

“I learned from training that I need to be calm before I even begin to work with my teen.”

“If I had had this CORE training before, I might have not had to disrupt my previous teen placement; I might have had the skills to work through it”

“I love Diakon; they were wonderful in every area.”