Diakon Family Finding & Family Engagement

Diakon Family Finding & Family Engagement supports youth and their families who are involved with and referred by the York County Children, Youth & Families Agency.
The goal of Family Finding & Family Engagement team is to promote permanency for youth with the priority to safely remain in their family of origin. The team conducts searches to identify a network of support and resources that help youth to build permanent connections with people in their lives. Through this service, youth and families will gain a variety of commitments from caring adults who are able to provide potential permanency, sustainable and supportive relationships, and/or who can support the healthy well-being of the youth now and into the future.
Please reach out to Diakon Family Finding & Family Engagement Program Manager, Justin Carroll, if you have questions about the program and/or if you have been contacted about a particular youth or family.

To view the 2021-2022 Diakon Family Findings and Family Engagement Outcomes Report, please click here.
Diakon Family Finding and Family Engagement
Program Manager: Justin Carroll
Office Number: 717-845-9113
Email: carrollj@diakon.org