Empower Unaccompanied Children with the Diakon Pasos Program!

Join us at Diakon Adoption & Foster Care in our groundbreaking partnership with Global Refuge to provide vital support to unaccompanied children. For four decades, Global Refuge has been a beacon of hope for vulnerable children, and now, Diakon is proud to be the first agency in Pennsylvania offering long-term foster care services.

Our Executive Director, Alyssa Snyder, is thrilled to introduce the Pasos Program, which means "steps" in Spanish. Together, we're guiding these young souls toward a brighter, safer future. In a time of uncertainty, our mission is clear: surround them with unwavering support, allowing them to heal and be kids again.

Be the Light In a Child’s Life

Unite with us and Global Refuge in our shared commitment to protect and uplift those seeking refuge and a new beginning in the United States. The number of unaccompanied immigrant children arriving in the United States is growing, fleeing violence, threats and unimaginable hardships. Diakon is uniquely positioned to offer holistic, trauma-informed and culturally sensitive specialized foster care, based on a legacy of exceptional service.

Unaccompanied children face an uphill battle, arriving with limited support and navigating language, cultural, educational, legal and health barriers.

Change a Life Forever. 

We're here to bridge the gap, placing them in loving, licensed homes equipped to meet their unique needs. Through Diakon, they receive the critical support they need as they pursue legal immigration relief and seek stability in the United States.

You can make a difference. 

Become a resource family. Contact us or contribute to this vital program. Thank you. 

Ready to take the next step?

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**For more information, attend one of our information sessions held every first and fourth Monday of the month, starting July 2024.**

Call (717) 845-9113 to speak with a Diakon representative.

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