Resource Family FAQs

Q. What expenses will we incur before we receive our first reimbursement check?

A: You can expect to purchase or borrow age- and size-appropriate clothing for a child placed in your home as well as any necessary personal items. Child care also is a common expense for families.

Q. When should we expect reimbursement checks?

A: Reimbursement checks are distributed once a month, generally at the beginning of the month for the preceding month. 

Q. What happens if my child doesn’t have an insurance card at the time of placement?

A: If the child came to your home from another foster home, we will usually be able to provide the card numbers, but may not have an actual insurance card at the time of placement. Children should receive care from their last-known medical caregiver or practice. That way, if you do not have the card, office personnel can search their medical records database for information on the child by name and date of birth. If this is the child’s first foster-care placement, it may take a few weeks to receive cards and arrange initial medical appointments. Children should be taken to an emergency room for any urgent or emergency medical needs until a primary care provider is identified. Diakon must be notified of any emergencies as soon as practical.

Q. What are the requirements for regular babysitters and child care providers?

A: Child care centers will have copies of clearances on file. For any friends or relatives who are regularly providing child care or babysitting, Diakon will need copies of their clearances for our files.

Q. Who can drive my foster child to appointments, play dates, and so on? 

A: Anyone transporting foster children must have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance. Please consult with your Diakon case manager for more specific information related to this question.

Q. Can a teenager babysit my foster child? 

A: Yes. As a resource parent, you need to feel confident, however, that a teenager is able to respond appropriately to any special needs a foster child may have. 

Q. How do I enroll a child in school; what documents do I need to do so? 

A: The complete answer to these questions varies by school district, so be sure to consult your school district’s website to learn what is needed to establish residency in the district. Diakon will provide you with documentation to provide to the school on placement of the child. Additional documents may be needed from the county agency referring the child as the county maintains custody of the child.